Welcome to Temple Sinai’s Jubilee year! A half-century is quite an accomplishment and it is a most appropriate time to reflect, appreciate, take stock and celebrate! 
During this Jubilee year, we will gain a better appreciation for the amazing story of Temple Sinai----the on-going narrative that is being expressed every day by you!
Consider the extraordinary story of our congregation. Rabbi Ray Zwerin led a few dozen brave families to create a congregation that reflected the openness of Reform Judaism as well as the heimische warmth and respect for Jewish tradition. Their vision attracted hundreds of families. In time, our congregation has grown to well over 1,000 families, one of the 50 largest congregations in the Reform movement.
But our size is not the story. Rather, each family, each member, every child and every adult who has studied here, prayed here, and participated in programs here has added a vital chapter to the narrative of our Sinai community. Therefore, we will devote this year, our Jubilee-50th year, to recall the highlights and the challenges. We will celebrate the men and women who established the foundation of our congregation. We will honor those who have shared their leadership, their skills, their talent and their energy in order to create and serve our congregation. We will give thanks to those who have contributed the vital financial support to keep our community strong and ensure its future. 
We’ll have reunions for teachers and students, youth groupers and chavurah members. We will devote time to collect and organize the details of our history for the archives. And we’ll embrace and encourage our newer members and friends because their stories will be Sinai’s unfolding future. (Imagine what stories they will tell 50 years from now!)
Our ancestors taught us to sanctify the 50th year, to consider its holiness. Let this year be one of a renewal of spirit, enthusiasm, and commitment to our beloved Sinai!
Rabbi Rick Rheins

    MARK YOUR CALENDAR   for these upcoming events in honor of                                                                    Temple Sinai's 50th year!

February 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Join us for a very special concert with Argentinian Cantors Diego Rubinsztein and Ines Kapus. Their beautiful harmonies and latin rhythms are not to be missed! Cabaret-style evening with wine and desserts.

Temple Sinai's Annual Event and 50th Year Celebration!
April 29, 2017

It will be a truly magical evening as we celebrate Temple Sinai’s first 50 years. We are proud and excited to be honoring Temple Sinai’s First Families:


We would love to have your help as we prepare for a year unlike any we have had before! Contact Lisa Thorner at lisa@sinaidenver.org or 303-759-1827.
Tue, February 20 2018 5 Adar 5778