Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Temple Sinai is made up of a cross section of the Congregation and is nominated to serve terms according to the by-laws.  Usually, the Board is comprised of approximately 20-25 members, and includes the auxiliaries of the Temple (Brotherhood, Sisterhood, and Temple Sinai Youth Group – TSYG).

Although its primary duty is one of a fiduciary nature, to oversee the financial operations of the Temple, it has far reaching responsibility to provide diversified programming through its multitude of committees.  Additionally, the Board of Trustees oversees the general governance of the Temple. In addition to the Board, the Executive Committee (not to be confused with an “Executive Board”) is comprised of the Officers of the Board – President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary.  Their duty is to review matters of general interest and concern to the Board, and then make recommendations.  The Executive Committee has no authority to make policy unilaterally, nor modify the approved budget.  Requests that fall outside the approved budget are reviewed by the Committee and, again, a recommendation is made to the Board. The Board may elect to accept or reject any recommendation based upon its merits.The Board of Trustees meets monthly, as does the Executive Committee.

Any member of the Congregation is welcome to attend a Board meeting.  Dates and times are posted in the monthly Kesher calendar, Snippets and on the Temple Sinai website.

Board of Trustees:




Kathy Zeiger  

Amy Rittenberg      

Executive Committee:



Wendy Vean, Past President

Karen Kaplan, Vice President

Michelle, Weinraub, Vice President

Executive Committee:
Lawrence Jacobson, President
Wendy Vean, Past President
Frank Urman, Treasurer
Vicki Goldman, Secretary
Lane Feingold, Vice President
Karen Kaplan, Vice President
Michelle Weinraub, Vice President

Trustees:  Grace Bach, Jennifer Feingold, Sandy Korn, Jeff Lavenhar, Barbara Lettes, Mark Meyer, Amy Rittenberg, Gene Rosenthall, Bob Steine, Bruce Tully, Kathy Zeiger

OPEN, Brotherhood President
Shirley Beer Powell, Sisterhood President
Jesse Aseoff, TSYG President


     A Few of Temple Sinai's Past Presidents:
       Bottom left:  Matt Gordon, Harvey Stein, Barbara Emery Mendel, Rob Abramson, Larry Siegel   
       Top left:  Mel Klein, Fred Leviton, Jerry Gottleib, and        Marshall Tobin

Thu, August 17 2017 25 Av 5777