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An important decision:  How to arrange your will and other estate plans to best provide for and protect your family.  As you make these plans, please consider Temple Sinai as a protector and provider for your larger family - your community today and the children of tomorrow.  Your bequest perpetuates our legacy of the largest religious school in the region, a nationally accredited preschool, a valued library, and exemplary adult education programs.  You can ensure that our children receive the education, opportunities, experiences and tools that enable them to become extraordinary contributors to the future.

Who creates a charitable bequest for Temple Sinai?

  • Congregants who support the commitment of Temple Sinai to our heritage and community
  • Those who want to leave their spiritual mark on the future
  • Friends who want to honor or memorialize loved ones
  • Supporters who want to make a gift, yet continue to manage and control their assets during their lifetime
  • Donors who may wish to reduce estate taxes
  • Persons who want the comfort of knowing their charitable wishes will be honored

What is Sinai Circle?

Sinai Circle is a special fund, an endowment, the income from which augments the Temple's other sources of operating revenue - dues, programming, fund-raising, etc.  Sinai Circle is a designation to honor and recognize those who have made a "planned gift" to the Temple.  A planned gift is a current commitment to  make a future donation by including Temple Sinai as a beneficiary in your will or other estate document.  This enables you to make a generous future gift to Temple Sinai without making a financial outlay now.  There is NOT a minimum required contribution to join Sinai Circle.  Temple Sinai is very grateful for any size gift.

For further information on a bequest through your will, or other estate plan options, or gift opportunities, please contact Lorne Maltenfort, Executive Director, 303.759.1827 or email.  Requests for information are confidential and non-binding.  

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