Lay-Led Spirituality

Temple Sinai’s Lay-Led Spirituality Committee provides opportunities for members to engage in spiritual practices and to delve into questions about spirituality and spiritual development. We have people who are interested in spirituality as a means of healing, some who are interested in it for personal development, some who are looking for a way to deal with stress, some who want to find more meaning in their lives, and others who have stumbled into exploring spirituality without necessarily having a reason they can articulate. This committee strives to create a community of people who are interested in exploring spirituality, whatever the reason.  

Current activities include:

Shabbat Morning Meditation

A group meditation is offered the first and third Saturday of each month, from 8:00 to 8:45 am. A number of Temple members take turns leading the meditation. The timing is designed so that the meditation ends in time for attendees to go to the Saturday Minyan Service. Any Temple member is welcome to come to any of the meditation sessions; no prior meditation experience is necessary. Joe Epstein is the lead person organizing the meditation sessions. You can contact Joe at 

Middot Groups

Consisting of discussions that deal with questions and specific practices, that help us develop our characters consistent with Jewish values. We use books on Middot by Alan Moranis as a springboard for discussion at our Drop-In Middot Group. Based on interest in Middot discussions expressed by those who attended a one-day spirituality retreat in May, there is now a monthly drop-in Middot discussion session. All Temple members are invited, and no commitment to ongoing participation is required. Upcoming sessions are scheduled for 10:00 one Sunday morning a month. Ken Stern is leading this effort and can be contacted at

Spirituality Retreat - Full Day

This past May, approximately 36 members attended a full-day spirituality program. The day included meditation, a Middot discussion, a Jewish yoga nidra session (a deep-relaxation practice), and a ritual involving poems, prayers, and chanting. We asked the participants to fill out a survey regarding the day and interest in future programming. The overwhelming response was to have similar events at least annually. Work is about to begin on organizing a full-day event for the spring of 2014. For more information, contact Susan Bernhardt at

Spiritual Chavurah

A new Spiritual Chavurah is in the process of being formed, for those who want to connect and share their Jewish spirit through Havdalah, meditation, discussion, and more. Nancy Cohen Nowak is leading this effort and can be contacted at

Storytelling, Chanting, Havdalah and more

Participants from prior retreats also expressed interest in Jewish storytelling, chanting, and other activities. As the Committee gets rolling, we’ll be looking at possibly developing these as stand-alone activities or as activities to include within a larger program. Important to all of this is that the Committee’s activities reflect and honor Jewish beliefs, teachings and practices. For questions or more information, contact Susan Bernhardt at

Tue, February 20 2018 5 Adar 5778