Curious minds stay engaged as your children explore their interests, develop new skills and make new friends. Wet, splashing, water fun and camp sing-a-longs add to our summer camp experiences as do the many field trips that come right to our camp. Daily activities include science, arts and crafts, dramatic play, music, outdoor discovery and much, much more!  Explore amazing real and mythical animals during "Amazing Animals", practice your juggling skills "Under the Big Top”, explore the moon and stars in "Outer Space Escapade", and have your mini scientist put their goggles on for "Sprouting Scientists"!

Limited spaces are available. 
Please call the preschool office for availability and to register 303-759-0755.


Welcome Week (May 30-June 2) Earth Day Everyday
*No camp Monday (Memorial Day) and Wednesday (Shavuot)

Come ready to dig in the dirt as we begin Summer Adventure Camp with a glorious week of garden centered projects and earth friendly arts and crafts. Nature walks, seed planting, and bug spotting are just a few of the activities we will enjoy as we use magnifying glasses to explore the bushes and flower beds. Campers will make bird feeders, attract butterflies, create solar art and draw inspiration from the wonder and beauty of nature. *Camp is prorated this week, see Welcome Week pricing.

Session 1 (June 5-June16) Amazing Animals

Lions and tigers and penguins! Oh my! Join our safari as we search, craft, and create our own amazing real and mythical animals. Campers dive beneath the ocean to explore our finned friends and soar high in the sky with our feathered friends too. Campers will be immersed in animal adventures of the four-legged, two legged, and no legged variety! Be sure to bring your favorite stuffed friends as we prepare to meet some very special furry, scaly and finned animal friends. In house field trips this session include Morningstar Farms Petting Zoo and Canyon Critters.

Session 2 (June 19-June 30) Under the Big Top

Join in the fun at the greatest Preschool Circus camp on earth! We will be clowning around, performing circus tricks, and enjoying face painting. It wouldn’t be a day at the circus without balloons: playing balloon tennis, painting with balloons, and doing balloon science! Campers will enjoy balancing on a ball, walking the tight rope balance beam, hanging from the bars like the flying trapeze, tumbling like an acrobat and even juggling like a clown! See you under the big top! In house field trips include, Jackman Brothers and face painting!

Session 3 (July 3 – July 14) Outer Space Escapade (Pro-rated for July 4th)

3…2…1…Blastoff! Campers will have the time of their lives as they blast rockets, tackle our astronaut training obstacle course and use their cosmic creativity to make unbelievable space artwork! Campers will make edible constellations, galaxy slime, design rocket ships and discover how astronauts eat. In house field trips include outer-space soccer with Happy Feet and exploring the stars in our sleeping bags under our very own Adventure Camp Planetarium!

Session 4 (July 17 – July 28th) Sprouting Scientists

You don’t need a lab coat to be a real scientist—everyone has a little mad professor in them! This session is designed to introduce young campers to chemistry and physics through colorful art projects, wacky experiments and a little bit of magic. Campers will observe, experiment, make predictions, ask questions and discover how some pretty cool science works! Our mini scientists will be in awe as they help conduct Steve Spangler science projects!

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