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Jewish Interest Free Loans of Colorado

If you are Jewish, live in Colorado, and in need of financial assistance we can
truly make a difference in your life.


In 1998, the Jewish Interest Free Loan of Colorado became the newest of over 50 such organizations. Set to help the Jewish community, we are pleased to serve the needs of our people state-wide.

Funds may be loaned for a wide variety of purposes. If your need is to further your education, repair a car, pay medical bills, or if you need assistance in an emergency situation, necessary home repairs, or unexpected business needs, loans can be processed quickly.

If you are Jewish, it is possible we can help you. The JIFLC makes loans to Colorado Jews in need. Just a few questions are asked of the borrower, such as name, address, occupation, place of employment, purpose of the loan, and your ability to repay.

The Jewish Interest Free Loan of Colorado is managed by a committee of men and women dedicated to its activities and qualified to carry out its goals. The committee meets regularly to review loan applications. If you meet the qualifications the committee will expedite the process in a manner that will be beneficial to your situation.

All members and officers serve without compensation.
All applications are treated with absolute confidentiality.

JIFLC funds are available for loans through the support and contributions of concerned and generous people in our community. Interest free loans are available to members of the Jewish community throughout the state of Colorado for purposes deemed worthwhile by the JIFLC.

Loan terms and conditions are determined by the committee. Repayment must be completed in a 12 to 36 month period on a monthly basis. Any loan must be used for its
designated purpose.

"If you loan money to my people, you shall not lay upon them interest.”
Exodus 22:24

“The world stands on three things: Torah, Worship, and deeds of kindness.”
Pirke Avot 1:2

The mitzvah of lending money to our fellow Jews at no interest has its origin in three verses in the Torah (Exodus 22:24, Leviticus 25:37, and Deuteronomy 23:20). In the Talmud, Simon the Just taught that doing deeds of kindness (gemilut chesed) such as lending to the poor is one of the values which preserves the world. Our great sage Maimonides taught that to lend is more meritorious than to give because it saves the recipient from becoming a beggar.

Throughout our history, Jews have constantly helped one another. We have ransomed the captive and redeemed the oppressed. We have lived by the motto “Kol Yisrael Arayvin Zeh b’Zeh — All Israel is bound together.” In the Middle Ages, many communities set up societies that aided in feeding the resident poor, caring for the traveler in their midst, housing the yeshivah student, dowering brides, and burying the dead.

This age-old tradition was brought over to the United States and Canada from Europe. While other immigrant groups established credit associations, the idea of not charging interest is a particularly Jewish one. Over 100 years ago, the first free loan organizations began in New York and San Francisco. Originally called Gemilut Chesed societies, the name changed to Hebrew Free Loan Societies as the concept spread from city to city.

For further information or for a confidential consultation, please contact Lori Kaye at


Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782