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Jewish War Veterans

Jewish War Veterans’ Post 344 is open to all Jewish veterans of the United States armed forces. Temple Sinai members who are not veterans are, of course, welcome to attend meetings. Other people can join as Associate Members, including those who served in Allied military, including the IDF. We sponsor community-based activities throughout the year that honor and support veterans in general and Jewish veterans and active duty personnel in particular.

JWV’s Post 344 knows that a tour of duty in the military can forever change the life of a veteran. Our program offers respect, fellowship, and camaraderie to military men and women who share a common bond and an intimate understanding of what it means to serve in the US armed forces. Our members chart the course we follow each year and we collectively decide our focus. Our activities provide the platform for veterans and membership to get to know each other while engaging in meaningful and fulfilling activities. Participating in our programs and getting to know our vets can provide an opportunity to give back to those who have served our country.

Some Background

As a member organization of the United Veterans Committee of Colorado, Jewish War Veterans Post 344 is one of over 50 organizations that work together in our community. Veteran projects range from volunteering at hospitals on Christmas day to gathering food for the VA nursing home to raising funds to support Rose and the new VA hospital. Interacting with active personnel can mean making presentations to Air Force Academy graduates and outreaching to local synagogues by sponsoring an oneg or kiddush. As a member, you can help decide other meaningful projects.

When and What

We hold monthly meetings, the second Sunday of each month from 9:30 to noon. During the first half hour, we serve breakfast in an easy and relaxed atmosphere that facilitates making new friends, sharing information, and networking. Then, from 10:00 to noon we schedule and present informative speakers and/or media presentations on current topics of interest and veteran affairs.

Our Message

Assisting returning veterans in getting treatment, respect, and representation in benefit disputes as well as advocacy on a range of issues is vital and fulfilling work. We help local veterans access all of the services offered by the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. Membership helps fight anti-Semitism around the world and finances disaster relief programs and missions.

Member Benefits

Our members have access to meetings and teleconferences in the U.S. and Israel, receive “The Jewish Veteran” publication, have U.N. representation, support the National Museum of American Jewish Military History, and get USAA membership.


Call  or email Jim Barnard at 303-791-6114. You can also come check out a meeting before joining.

Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782