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Windows of the World

Welcome to the Ida and Max Fogel 

Windows of the World Art Studio at Temple Sinai

In 2015, the Library made its move of over 2000 books from the east wing of Temple Sinai to the new Learning Center as well as to the Study (formerly the Chapel). Most of Temple Sinai's collection of books will not be found in your local library.

Windows of the World Art Studio
In 2019, Temple Sinai introduced the Ida and Max Fogel Windows of the World Art Studio.
The Art Studio is the first phase of converting our existing Youth and Adult library space within our Learning Center into a space regularly utilized by all members of our community. The second phase, a mixed-use children’s library, technology lab and maker space will begin at the completion of phase one.
Our vision is to create an evolving space where children and the community will come together to create, explore, research, invent and express their individuality through the language of art and sciences. Our new Ida and Max Fogel Windows of the World Art Studio will allow children of all ages the time and space to use their imagination and creativity with materials and tools in a deeper more meaningful way. When children are provided opportunities for deep, open-ended explorations, they are empowered to express themselves naturally and appropriately. One way to encourage this in young children is to offer classic and nontraditional art tools. Things such as clay, wire, paint, pens, paper, beads, shells, wood, styrofoam, card board, tile, and a variety of natural materials (i.e. sticks, wooden slices, corks, sand, etc.) will be provided in our studio for short and long term projects. This will encourage the development of many essential skills, including collaboration and creative problem solving.
The creation of the Ida and Max Fogel Windows of the World Art Studio will foster long term imaginative art that will allow artists of all ages to deepen the scope of their creativity and collaborate with artists in the Jewish community.
This beautiful inspiring space will provide the practicality of use as an Art Studio with easels, beautiful paints, plaster, charcoal, chalk, clay, tools, brushes, storage, and clean up sinks for our youngest children to our oldest members.
The Ida and Max Fogel Windows of the World Art Studio will be an added highlight to Religious School, youth group, young adults, and congregational programing, connecting our students of all ages, our congregants and the greater neighborhood community.
Phase one is made possible, in part by the 2018 Staenberg Family Foundation Anything Grant.
Contribute to the Library
To contribute to the matching fund, and to help make phase two a reality, please consider contributing to the Ida and Max Fogel Windows of the World fund (formerly known as Ida & Max Fogel Youth & Adult Library Fund).
Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782