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B'nei Mitzvah

Becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an exciting and momentous time. At Temple Sinai, we create a service that focuses on the individual family and that highlights the achievement of the student in a non-stressful, joyous, and inclusive celebration of Jewish faith and values. While most of our services are on Shabbat morning (10:30 AM), we also offer a Minchah (Shabbat afternoon) service.

Weekday services on Mondays and Thursdays (mornings and afternoons) are also possible.

We strive to ensure that this milestone will be a joyful, educational, and meaningful experience for your family.  Our clergy, staff and tutors are committed to making sure that this life cycle event is spiritually uplifting and that each and every family feels a personal connection with the Torah and with Temple Sinai.

Our Rabbis will:

  • Help you find a date for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah
  • Help you find a tutor who best fits your child
  • Offer orientations that enable the B’nei Mitzvah families to feel completely comfortable and familiar with the service rituals and preparation
  • Meet personally with each family to help coordinate the roles of participation and honors for your loved ones during the service
  • Lead at least three full rehearsals with each student to ensure his/her comfort and confidence

Our Staff will:

  • Help you if you wish to hold a Kiddush Luncheon or celebration at Temple Sinai
  • Provide vendor lists and contacts of professionals to aid in your celebration planning

Our Tutors

Rabbi Susan Rheins     303-759-1827

Aaron Mendelsberg       303-521- 1793
Michelle Schwartz          303-829- 7007
David Spiegler                   303-424- 1807
Rabbi Birdie Becker       303-773- 0418
Michelle Weinberg         303-901-2902
Stacey Singer                                                    
Hagit Wasserman            720-308- 7224


HEBREW ONLY (The following tutors may be used for private Hebrew tutoring leading up to B’nei Mitzvah Tutoring lesson)

Aaron Mendelsberg        303-521- 1793
Steffie Neumann               303-750- 6792
Megan O’Connor              303-733- 1566
David Spiegler                    303-424- 1807
Dawn Wolf-Spector        303-668- 8606
Hagit Wasserman             720-308- 7224


If you have questions regarding the B’nei Mitzvah program, please call or email Lauren Bubis at 303-759-1827 or

Wed, August 5 2020 15 Av 5780