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Rabbi's Page

Rabbi Rick Rheins' Weekly Message:

A World Spinning Out of Control? Reflections on Rosh Chodesh Av and the Conclusion of the Book of Numbers - July 11, 2018 - Rabbi Rick Rheins
A Cry by the Most Vulnerable - June 19, 2018 -  Rabbi Rick Rheins 
Words of Torah- Shabbat May 11, 2018 - Rabbi Rick Rheins
Words of Torah EMOR 5778 - Rabbi Rick Rheins
Kiddushim Draft Day Prophets - Rabbi Rick Rheins
A Week of Pausing, Memorializing---and then Celebrating- Rabbi Rick Rheins

Rabbi Rick Rheins' Kesher Articles:

April 2018 - Rabbi Rick Rheins
March 2018 - Rabbi Rick Rheins
February 2018 - Rabbi Rick Rheins
December 2017/January 2018 - Rabbi Rick Rheins

Recent Postings 2018/5778:

Sh'lach L'kha 5778 - Rabbi Susan Rheins
Yom HaShoah 5778 - Rabbi Susan Rheins
Nights of Watching - Rabbi Susan Rheins

High Holy Days 2017/5778

This Is The Blessing - Rabbi Susan Rheins
What Is Your Story - Rabbi Susan Rheins
Wonder Woman - Rabbi Susan Rheins
Who's Sorry Now - Rabbi Susan Rheins
From Many, One - Rabbi Richard Rheins
Meah vEsrimTo 120 - Rabbi Richard Rheins
Justice vs Compassion - Rabbi Richard Rheins
We've Got Game! - Rabbi Richard Rheins

Rabbi Zwerin's 80th Birthday

At 80 - Rabbi Raymond Zwerin
Zwerin Book List 2016

High Holy Days 2016/5777

Kol Nidrei - A Voice Cries Out in the Wilderness - Rabbi Richard Rheins
Yom Kippur Morning - True Grit - Rabbi Richard Rheins

Yom Kippur Morning Alternative Service - I Stand This Day - Rabbi Susan Rheins
Yizkor - We All Count in this Minyan - Cantor Sheila Nesis

"AS IF I WEREN'T THERE" - Sung by Cantor Nesis, Yizkor 5777/2016:    

Erev Rosh HaShanah - The Art of Being a Jewish Mother - Rabbi Susan Rheins
Rosh HaShanah Morning - Imperfect Masterpieces - Rabbi Richard Rheins
Rosh HaShanah Morning, Alternative Service - Why Are You Here? - Rabbi Susan Rheins

Lighting the Lamps of Jewish Continuity - Rabbi Susan Rheins (Erev Shabbat Service, June 24)
Shavuot 5776/2016 Yizkor Sermon - Rabbi Susan Miller Rheins
Yom HaShoah 5776 - Rabbi Susan Miller Rheins

AIPAC Policy Conference Sermon - Rabbi Richard Rheins (Erev Shabbat Service March 25, 2016)

Sermons – High Holy Days 2015/5776

Rosh HaShanah
Erev Rosh HaShanah 5776 – Rabbi Susan Miller Rheins
After the Deal Time to Heal – Rabbi Richard S. Rheins
Alternative Service – Rabbi Susan Miller Rheins

Kol Nidre
Destigmatizing Mental Illness – Rabbi Richard S. Rheins
Alternative Service – Rabbi Susan Miller Rheins

Yom Kippur
Jewish Choices – Rabbi Richard S. Rheins
Yizkor – Rabbi Susan Miller Rheins

Mon, July 16 2018 4 Av 5778