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Sinai Sundays

Welcome to our newest series of adult education classes!
The cost is $72.00 per class.
For more information, contact Lisa Thorner at 303-759-1827 or

COURSE 101:  Progressive Halakhah, Part II:

Jewish Responses to Difficult Issues

Rabbi Rick Rheins

The heart of modern Judaism is found in our candid approach to life’s hard questions. The process of gathering different explanations and perspectives and giving each respectful consideration helps to guide us toward wise and just actions. The accepted responses form the basis of halakhah, “Jewish law and practice.”

In this year’s the class, participants will review many important ethical and ritual issues facing modern Jews and Judaism. Even if you did not take last year’s class, you will fit in easily. Join us and add your voice as we wrestle with society’s most vexing issues!

The class fee includes a copy of Volume Two of Reform Responsa for the 21st Century. This volume is edited by Rabbi Mark Washofsky, Ph.D.


COURSE 201: Prayerbook Hebrew 1 

Cantor Sheila Nesis

In this "back to basics" class, we will work our way through the Hebrew alphabet, building your Hebrew skills and helping you navigate some of the central pieces of liturgy in our Prayer Book. This class is highly recommended for people interested in Adult B'nei Mitzvah, but in need of the basic Hebrew skills. The class will use the textbook The New reading Hebrew, by Dr. C. Castberg and Lillian W. Adler, along with the workbook Practice, drill and review for reading Hebrew, by Lillian W. Adler. The textbook is included in the class fee. In addition, the purchase of our Prayer Book, "Mishkan T'filah," is highly recommended.

COURSE 301: Prayerbook Hebrew 2

Rabbi Susan Rheins

In this course, students will hone their Hebrew reading fluency and focus on the vocabulary and meaning of Shabbat evening prayers. Although this course is required for those enrolled in the Adult B’nai Mitzvah class, it is open to all who are interested in sharpening their Hebrew skills and appreciate of Jewish liturgy.   Book: Mishkan T’filah (additional cost)

COURSE 401: Sundays with Samuel 2

Rabbi Raymond E. Zwerin

In Samuel I, Saul becomes King of Israel and in his descent into depression and paranoia pursues the youth David who he fears will take his crown. Samuel II begins with the death of Saul and Jonathan his son and David's magnificent lament over them. It continues with David's ascent to power and his anointment as King of Israel. The book is filled with intrigue, battles against foreign and domestic enemies, challenges over the throne, a prophet who speaks truth to power, vengeance, the daliance with Bathsheba and treachery in dealing with her husband, the birth of Solomon, the various attempts of David's sons to unseat their father, Avshalom's treason, and so much more. Here are 23 chapters of David the poet, the humanist, the powerful, the warrior, the lover, the mourner, the leader of a nascent nation greatly in need of leadership. It's a splendid piece of biblical literature with historic, spiritual, psychological, and sociological significance. It's about an unusual everyman who walks a leadership tightrope without a net; a superhero without a cape. Ta u'Sh'ma - Come and learn.


COURSE 501: Modern Israeli Hebrew

Nevet Montgomery (Cost:  $36.00)

Learn how to speak to one another with fun idiomatic phrases used in Israel today.  For instance, when you meet a friend you ask, "David, how's it going?" or "what's new?" In Israel, you say, "Davidkeh, Ma Nishma?" When we leave a friend, we say, "See ya later, " and we often shorten that by saying, "See ya." In Israel you say, "Leh-hitt" and that is short for "Le-hitt-ra-ot." It's easy.

COURSE 601: Adult B'nei Mitzvah

                                                                     (Cost:  $360.00)

If you never have had the joy of leading a Shabbat service and reading from the Torah as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, now is the time! Starting this fall, Temple Sinai will once again offer its fabulous Adult B’nei Mitzvah class. Over the years, hundreds of Sinai adults have participated in this program. The experience has created blessed memories that will be a source of pride for a lifetime.

The fee for the full course is $360.00 (Scholarships are available).

Adults displaying strong Hebrew skills will be exempt from the beginning Hebrew class and will join the Rabbis and Cantor for the second half of the class in the winter/early spring. Students exempt from beginning Hebrew classes will have their fees adjusted accordingly.

If you are interested, please call or email our Director or Programming, Lisa Thorner at or 303-759-1827 to reserve your spot in class.

Mon, July 16 2018 4 Av 5778