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Strategic Plan

Temple Sinai has long been a place that our congregants have viewed as their second home. Throughout its 50+ year history, Temple Sinai has been able to remain relevant and be sustained by working to adapt to the changes in the congregation and the environment in which we live. However, as the Jewish community, coupled with societal demands have rapidly evolved, it became clear that there was not a centralized strategic plan for the growth, sustainability, and relevance of Temple Sinai now and in the future. 

For that reason, a strategic planning effort was put into place. This effort, approved by the Rabbi, the Executive Director at that time (Amy Becker), and Temple President at that time (Wendy Vean), began in October 2016 when the Strategic Planning Committee was formed and began meeting on a regular basis. The committee was tasked with creating a Strategic Plan draft for Temple Sinai to be reviewed and revised by the Board, presented to the congregation, and ultimately prioritized and approved by the Board for implementation.

In March 2017, part of the Board meeting was dedicated to discussing and working on Temple Sinai’s mission and vision. This meeting included the Board, the staff, and the clergy.  Breakout groups were put together and a brainstorming session took place with follow up on the agreed upon mission and vision for Temple Sinai in the Board meetings that followed.  By April/May 2017, the Strategic Planning Committee took the data from the Board meetings and had Board members and staff prioritize the most important issues and projects that should be addressed as part of the Strategic Plan.

In May 2017, the initial efforts were close to completed as the Board had seen the initial pieces of the Strategic Plan (i.e. mission, vision, goals, and objectives) a number of times, added their input, and prioritized the goals within the plan. But due to the events of the summer, the committee paused its efforts as the Board, staff and clergy addressed other pressing and growing concerns within the Temple.

The committee, made up of two (2) Executive Committee members, two (2) Board members, two (2) congregants, the Executive Director and Rabbi Rheins (as of January 2018) began meeting again in October 2017 to revise the May 2017 version of the Strategic Plan and to make sure that the output of the Listening Campaign is reflected in this version of the Strategic Plan. The charge of the committee from the Temple President was to complete the new Strategic Plan draft, have it reviewed and revised by the Board, and present the plan to the congregation by the end of March 2018. This will be closely followed by an Implementation Plan that the committee will initially draft for the Board’s review, revisions, and approval along with input from the appropriate staff members throughout.

The data used to create this Strategic Plan was primarily from the output of the Listening Campaign and can be found in the last section of this document. While you may not see all aspects of the Listening Campaign results in the goals and objectives that follow, many of the communicated needs will be encompassed within the implementation of these goals and objectives.

The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to promote the relevance, growth, and sustainability of Temple Sinai…to be a blueprint for what Temple Sinai is, and wants to be, moving forward. While the goals and objectives in the plan will evolve continuously over time as the needs of Temple Sinai and its members change, our mission, vision, and guiding principles will be the beacon that shines throughout all of our offerings at temple Sinai.

Temple Sinai is a welcoming congregation of Reform Judaism focused on spirituality, learning, social interaction, and communal responsibility. 

To provide and sustain an open and egalitarian community where each member matters. To inspire and motivate Jewish learning for all ages, kindle spiritual growth, nurture modern Jewish observance and love of Torah; and infuse tzedakah, social action, and support for the state of Israel.

Guiding Principles 

Worship & Spirituality – We recognize that Jewish tradition connects us to both our Jewish past and present. We also recognize that spirituality can give us a deeper connection to Judaism. Through tradition, spirituality, and our connection with G-d, Torah, and Israel, we express our Judaism in meaningful ways.

Meaningful Education – We are committed to lifelong learning and the study of Torah. We value intellectual depth and sophistication in a quality Jewish education. 

Community & Connections - We provide quality opportunities for all members of our congregation to interact while building stronger connections with each other and throughout the community. We offer a variety of opportunities for our members to connect with one another.

Continual Reflection - As the needs of our congregation and the Jewish community change, Temple Sinai is committed to listening and evolving to make each congregants journey meaningful and relevant.

Tzedakah & Social Action  - We believe in thoughtful giving and social action based on Jewish ethics, and are committed to improving the world.

Innovative Programming - We offer a variety of relevant, engaging and entertaining programs, services, and activities for all members of our congregation as well as the greater community.

Goals & Objectives

Meeting the Jewish needs of our members 
• Create a Volunteer Engagement Plan
• Update and augment the marketing plan and communication plan, ensuring that both are complementary with each other
• Help our members identify as part of the larger, Metro Area, Jewish community by taking part in and creating community programs/events

Facilitating a vibrant sense of community
• Provide value added and outside-the-box programming to encourage members’ involvement, while also attracting new members.
• Provide consistent and original youth programming for youth of all ages
• Facilitate an environment where member to member engagement is intertwined within our culture
• Engage and attract young families to help develop activities and interactions which are meaningful to them

Tzedakah & Social Action
• Create yearly tzedakah projects or themes for the Temple Sinai community
• Create an environment which encourages and fosters Tikkun Olam, (“repairing the world”), and which allows it to permeate all Temple activities as an embodiment of Jewish principles
• Create a Social Action Committee to set social action goals for the Temple, while maintaining flexibility to address emerging issues

Providing excellent and meaningful educational opportunities for members of all ages
• Offer emotionally and intellectually stimulating curricula and programming for our children, entire congregation, as well as the community as a whole; recognizing education is about both building community and learning
• Create continuity in the structure of our educational programs, from preschool to religious school to young adults to Lifelong Learning
• Ensure consistency, continuity, and relevance in the Hebrew/Religious School
• Explore the potential of an alternative model of Hebrew/Religious School
• Support and guide the students and families as they prepare for Consecration, B’nei Mitzvah, and Confirmation

Financial health
• Develop a 5 year Financial Plan for Temple Sinai
• Create a comprehensive fundraising plan, including a focus on repayment of mortgage incurred for Building our Future as primary short term fundraising goal
• Explore alternative membership structures

Board/Leadership Development and Succession (Clergy, Staff, Board)
• Ensure transparency and accessibility in the governance of the Temple
• Create a clergy succession plan for hiring a new Associate Rabbi (July 2019) and Senior Rabbi (July 2025).
• Create staff goals and development plans for each position per the new organizational chart
• Create a synergistic community within the entire Temple Sinai congregation in order to integrate the Temple’s departments
• Create a Board Development & Training plan which includes Board leadership succession, developing new Board members, and setting expectations of Board members
• Revise the current By-laws

Sun, October 24 2021 18 Cheshvan 5782