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Summer Camp 2019 Registration!
Curious minds stay engaged as your children explore their interests, develop new skills and make new friends. Wet, splashing, water fun and camp sing-a-longs add to our summer camp experiences. Daily activities include science, arts and crafts, dramatic play, music, outdoor discovery and much, much more!  Welcome week gets camp started and four exciting 2-week sessions will follow!

Welcome Week - Step into STEAM
(May 28-May 31 No Camp Memorial Day)

Your child will be introduced to everything STEAM.
STEAM will guide children’s inquiry and dialogue while enhancing their
critical thinking skills and helping them recognize the intersection of
science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Session 1 - STEAM into Science
(June 3-June 14)

Chemistry and physics guide us through colorful art projects and
wacky experiments. Through observations, experiments, predictions
and questions we will discover how science works!

Session 2 - Technology/Engineering
(June 16-June 28)

Get innovative and creative while building anything and everything
you can possibly imagine. Study includes lights and shadows,
moving parts, and photography.

Session 3  Art 
(July 1-July 12 No Camp 4th of July)

Hands on learning will teach us what it means to be an artist.
From creating masterpieces to exploring different instruments
children will learn to hear the language of art!

Session 4 - Math
(July 15-July 26)

Believe it or not math is everywhere. Think outside the box while we use math
to cook, build, organize, and design. This camp session we will try it all!

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