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Logan's View on Gun Control

04/04/2018 03:14:03 PM



Hello everyone, my name is Logan Samuels. I am the Social Action Vice President
on Temple Sinai’s youth group board.

Jesse just shared how the NFTY youth are contributing to increasing awareness of
the need to establish gun laws in our country.

This past weekend TSYG held an event where we shared a program on how to
dispel the irrational excuses to why many object to gun control. We broke into groups, where each group had a different excuse on why someone needs their gun, think along the lines of – It’s my second amendment right ” and each group had to come up with a response to educate why that excuse was irritational.

In this example, some of the responses were:

  • It was intended to help protect the country as a whole – which pre-dates our current military that does that now
  • We aren’t looking to eliminate your rights, but rather put protective measure in-place like that of getting a driver’s license, drink alcohol or even be of a certain age to vote.
  • The goal of this program was to focus not on gun control being about mental health, but how we as the youth in our country could proactively participate in changing how people think about this issue - essentially educating the educated.

For me personally, gun control is an issue that has been a part of my world since the
Sandy Hook School Shooting in 2012. For those of you who do not know, I moved here with my family from Connecticut to Colorado shortly before the Sandy Hook shooting. I lived one town over from Newtown – my sister’s school was just a few miles away. When the shooting occurred, it rattled me to my core. The thought that something could’ve have happened to my sister or my friends resulted in this deep-rooted fear that the worst was always right around the corner. Luckily, nothing directly relating to me happened.

Others were not so lucky.

The teacher who had taught me to saw and sand wood in shop class lost a
granddaughter that day. She was 6.

There have been 270 school shootings since Columbine in 1999, that is 14.2
shootings a year, 10 in Colorado alone. The latest happening just this past week,
March 20 th in Maryland and still practically nothing has been done.

We live in a state where the government officials are on TV avoiding giving a straight
answer but their votes clearly tell their position on the issue. Our leaders haven’t
taken action, so now it falls to us.

As kids, we are always told we can do anything if we put our mind to it.

Tomorrow, Temple Sinai Youth Group will be joining what is projected to be more
than 30,000 Colorado youth as we March for our Lives to demonstrate the
magnitude of this issue.

We as students have now been put in the position, where we must advocate for
ourselves as our government is not doing it for us.

But we can’t do it alone. All of you as adults hold a larger responsibility. You are in
the position to help bring our vision to life.

A vision where I go to school every day, where your children and grandchildren go to
school and your nieces and nephews go to school -- without the fear of lock-down
drills that are not drills, but rather where a live shooter is at our school. We have a
vision where our teachers are funded to teach, not to carry fire-arms. We have a
vision where school is a safe place, were we learn, socialize and develop the skills
to be the next generation to protect our children.

Our voices can be heard in the streets but not at the ballot box, that is where you
have a responsibility to us. Until we are all 18, we can’t cast our vote to protect

In 2018 there are many seats coming up for re-election and we need you to be our
voice in November and vote to make sure that our future and future students are
protected with better restrictions on obtaining fire-arms.

This is the year. The year to protect our lives and the lives of future generations. As I
said earlier, myself along with many other students will be in downtown Denver
tomorrow at Civic center park for the March for our Lives. We welcome all or any of you
to join us.

2018 – Chai – Life

Thank you.

Tue, September 29 2020 11 Tishrei 5781